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Title: DarkRP Server Rules
Thread Modes
Main Rules

  1. Respect all members within the server.
  2. You may not use racial slurs.
  3. Do not harass other players.
  4. Do not spam.
  5. You may not spam your microphone, any chat, or any sound.
  6. Do not play “ear rape” as a hobo or DJ.
  7. You may not spam props, text screens, flashlight, or camera.
  8. Do not call an admin for a reason without substantial proof.
  9. Staff members are not allowed to take other players as witnesses. Only other staff members may be taken at their word.
  10. Do not troll. 
  11. If you are doing some activity repeatedly for the explicit purpose of annoying other players, it will be considered trolling.
  12. Do not advertise other servers or anything else.
  13. Do not tell an admin how to do his/her job.
  14. English language only. No exceptions!
  15. Do not impersonate any player or staff member.
  16. Do not use hacks or exploits.
  17. Do not bug abuse. Report bugs and glitches to an admin or on the forums immediately.
  18. If you leave while an admin is talking to you, you will be punished more severely than had you stayed.
  19. Do not scam.
  20. Do not interrupt or interfere with a sit.
  21. Blackmailing of any kind (e. g. Threatening to post a complaint on a player or staff member) is forbidden and will be punished.
  22. Do not disrespect people on the forums your post/comment will be removed.
  23. You may not shoot/attack anyone randomly. This includes shooting cars and tazing or pepper spraying randomly.
  24. Under NO circumstances can anyone trade in-game cash for Paypal Money/CS:GO or other in-game items besides Eclipse payable items (CC's/CC extras/etc.)
  25. Disclosing any personal information of another Player/Staff is NOT allowed.
Game Rules

  1. Purges and mass RDM fests are NOT allowed.
  2. You must use /cheque if you don't want dropped money to be stolen.
  3. New Life Rule (NLR) is 5 minutes. (Does not apply to Hits/Bank/Armory Raids)
  4. You MUST /advert raid when raiding.
  5. You MUST /advert mug when mugging.
  6. You MUST /advert carjack when stealing a car.
  7. After making an arrest you MUST /advert the reason for the arrest .
  8. You MUST /advert a reason for putting the server into lockdown.
  9. Kidnapping is NOT allowed!
  10. Do not self supply. (Discussed in further detail under "General Dealer Rules".)
  11. Do not advert for someone to raid you.
  12. Do not meta game.
  13. Any dealer/doctor job must make a shop/begin construction on a shop within 10 minutes or you will be demoted.
  14. You may not cover someone's sign with one of your own or make comments about a person.
  15. Do not start demotion votes while staff are online.
  16. Do not abuse the camera tool.
  17. Do not defend yourself with explosives in a highly  populated area to get multiple "crossfire" kills. ( Highly populated means anywhere close to the spawn and or near shop buildings).
  18. Do not use alt accounts.
  19. Do not sell your own in-game cash for money, cs:go items etc... The only thing allowed is if you trade in-game money for a cc addon/extra or something else you can buy off the forums. If you are caught doing this you will be banned permanently.
  20. Do not randomly defib people. You can defib people who you are raiding with.
  21. NLR is invalid once the raider has called raid over. (After the RP situation is Done)
  22. NLR does NOT apply to hits, no matter if it's a Public/Private Area
  23. NO mugging inside of the Casino no matter the circumstances.

Role-Playing Rules

  1. Do not steal from the people you are basing with.
  2. If there is a domestic dispute (you are fighting with the people you are basing with) /911 to call the police.
  3. Do not bait police.
  4. You cannot have a marked police car if you are not a cop.
  5. Cops must chase criminals unless they are outnumbered and must wait for backup.
  6. Cops can arrest you for murder or attempted murder even if you were defending your car or doing your job (Hitman/Assassin). Murder is only acceptable in self-defense cases.

Shooting, Raiding, Carjacking, & Killing

  1. Do not RDM
  2. You cannot mug people in the spawn area
  3. You can only raid/carjack/mug once every 5 minutes (You must wait 10 minutes before targeting the same person again)
  4. You must be next to the person you are mugging
  5. Carjacking makes you KOS to the owner and the owner KOS to you while the carjack is in progress
  6. You may not carjack in the car spawn areas.
  7. You may kill someone if they pass your KOS line.
  8. KOS signs must be placed in plain sight.
  9. KOS lines must be 100 size text. Qualifiers such as "John Doe banned from shop" must be at least size 50 text.
  10. KOS lines must be placed within the property line of the building you own. If you are in question about your property line, ask an admin for clarification.
  11. If you loiter close (feet not miles) to the KOS line for more than 30 seconds you can be killed.
  12. If you cross a KOS line you can be killed even if you retreat behind it. Do not do the KOS line dance.
  13. Do not raid a base that has a building sign.
  14. You are not allowed to mug or raid Hobos.
  15. If your raid is taking longer than 5 minutes you must discontinue the raid.
  16. All parties involved in a raid must advert raid at the same time (within seconds). You cannot join an ongoing raid.
  17. Raid groups must be assembled beforehand. If you join a raid you weren't invited to join by calling raid with the group they may kill you for interfering.
  18. Counter raiding is NOT allowed.
  19. You cannot "raid to kill" (Raiding a building in which it is clear there is nothing inside)
  20. You can return to your base once the raid is over. You no longer have to wait 5 minutes.
  21. Do not damage players and/or entities through props and building exploits in any way. This includes using Nerve Gas/Mustard Gas on the outside walls to kill the ones being raided. If you're gonna use gas, shoot it inside the building.

Car Rules

  1. Water based vehicles such as the Yacht & Jet Skis cannot be driven on land.
  2. Do not change transparency on vehicles.
  3. If for some reason your car becomes no-collided, you may not use it to drive into bases. Call an admin to fix it.
  4. Do not use materials on your car.
  5. Do not place props on your vehicle or in the vehicle (Entities are excluded)
  6. Do not randomly shoot/blow up your/other player's vehicles.
  7. Do not ram other cars/players with your vehicle
  8. Do not block entrances/spawns/roads with your vehicle.
  9. Do not get involved in a chase you have no business in.
  10. Do not use your vehicle as a bomb.
  11. It's Fail RP to drive a carjacked/stolen vehicle into the lake (or any water). If this happens accidentally, call an Admin for their assistance to retrieve it, or you are subject to the warn.

Prop Rules

  1. Do not put props in buildings you do not own or are owned by someone else.
  2. Do not spawn props in public (Unless playing as Hobo/Hobo Leader)
  3. Do not prop climb, fly, surf, kill, or push.
  4. Props cannot be invisible.
  5. Pitch black props are not allowed
  6. Do not use one-way props.
  7. Do not spawn inappropriate Props.

Door, Base, & Property Rules

  1. You can only own 1 base.
  2. You MUST own the front door of your building/apartment.
  3. Duping or selling a base dupe that you did not create is strictly prohibited unless allowed by the owner.
  4. Bases built in such a way as to provide an unfair advantage to the base owner against raiders are not allowed.
  5. Well-built is not the same as unfair. Just because YOU can't raid it, doesn't mean it is an unfair base.
  6. You cannot build a base that requires a grapple, drugs, or jetpacks to raid. Drop Bases are also prohibited, even if the raiders are able to get back to that same point.
  7. Shooting holes that lie between the standing and crouching positions are not allowed.
  8. Raiders must be able to return fire on the owner.
  9. Shooting holes can not be placed in such a way as to only target the raider's feet.
  10. All keypads/buttons that are connected to a fading door prop MUST be next to the prop it controls.
  11. You may not have multiple "dummy" or fake keypads/buttons that do NOT open the door.
  12. You are limited to 3 keypad controlled fading doors between raiders and your valuables.
  13. Keypads MUST keep the fading door open for at least 5 seconds.
  14. There must be a keypad/button on both sides of the fading door unless it is placed in such as way as to be accessible from both sides.
  15. Printer holders may have button controlled fading doors that do not count towards your 3 keypad controlled door limit.
  16. You must have at least one entrance to your base that is accessible. Otherwise you are prop blocking.
  17. Do not fading door abuse (FDA).
  18. Shooting holes must be kept open for at least 5 seconds.
  19. You cannot use the keyboard key to open your fading doors while you are being raided.
  20. You cannot use the keyboard keys to close a fading door that was cracked/hacked.
  21. Your base MUST be located in a building that you own. Only hobos can build in public.
  22. You can only kill for trespassing if you have a visible KOS sign. (See "Shooting, Raiding, Carjacking, and Killing" for KOS sign details.)
  23. You cannot stack multiple fading doors next to each other unless a player can fit between them and keypad crack each one without a problem.
  24. If you are building a base you need to have a building sign outside.
  25. You cannot have printers, plants, bitcoin machines, weapons, cars, or any other entity worth stealing while using a building sign.
  26. You can have EMPTY shopping shelves while being protected by the building sign.
  27. Doors, walls, floors, and ceilings cannot be no-collided. Only exception to this is when you're building.
  28. Buttons and keypads must be visible and not hidden in any way.
  29. Shooting holes must be controlled by a button and be a minimum size of 05x05 (Use models/hunter/blocks/cube05x05x05.mdl as a guide)
  30. Do not use materials or props that allow you to see from one side but not the other (1-way props).
  31. Forcing players to jump-crouch is not allowed
  32. Shooting holes placed where the raider must crouch to return fire are not allowed.
  33. You cannot cause raiders to fall to an area which they cannot return from.
  34. You cannot force raiders to re-crack fading doors by dropping them to an earlier point.
  35. You cannot have anti-hack (Hack phone) bases.
  36. Explosives are NOT allowed to be used on an elevator due to it automatically closing the elevator doors and making it impossible to Raid when spammed.
  37. Absolutely no "KOS if I choose/Chosen" Textscreens for Dealer Bases/Shops. (Leads to RDM for no reason)
  38. Star material (Warp Sheet) is NOT allowed on the server due to being OP and unfair to raiders/other players in RP situations.
  39. "KOS Signs for weapons out" are REQUIRED to be at the front of the property/base and MUST be 100% visible to players.
  40. KOS Line will not affect Garbage man ONLY if they're picking up trash behind said line. 
  41. Delayed keypads 3 sec's are the max delay time for them any thing more will result in a fail base due to the fact it gives the base owner an unfair advantage from the raiders.
  42. Any moving material is NOT allowed on the server due to the lag it can cause when mass used.

Bank, Armory & Store Front Raiding Rules

  1. You must advert raid before raiding the bank/armory & store fronts
  2. Do not build inside either the bank or armory.
  3. NLR does not apply to government jobs while a raid on either the bank or armory is in progress
  4. You cannot be arrested for raiding either the bank or armory.

Party Rules

  1. Party system has no affiliation with the Gang System.
  2. Party members CAN defend each other but only when being shot/arrested by someone outside of your party.
  3. Party members aren’t allowed to Raid, Carjack, or mug each other.
  4. Each party is STILL required to call raids individually.
  5. You may not Mug/Carjack with other party members, this is still an individual RP situation.
  6. Government Officials aren’t allowed to attack multiple party members unless each individual has shot at you.
  7. All job rules still apply to party members (ex. Citizen jobs still can’t base with thieves)
  8. In order to defend a base, you MUST be on the doors of it. Base Rules still apply with the party. You MUST be on the doors.
  9. The party system acts like a defense opportunity, you can’t attack other parties unless each individual party member has attacked you or your party.
  10. Government Officials must NOT be in a party with thieves. You must in a party with your class type (ex. Police officers with Police Officers, and thieves with thieves.  

Job Rules

Chief of Police/Police Officer/Deputy Chief/FBI Agent:

  1. You can only base at the police department with other cops/FBI/SWAT members.
  2. You can arrest if being shot at.
  3. You can shoot back while being shot at only if you are in serious danger. You MUST call for backup.
  4. You can only raid if you have a warrant.
  5. Only FBI may have unmarked vehicles, you must be in a marked police cruiser.
  6. You can only ticket for traffic violations if they are on the law board (Max ticket $500).
  7. You MUST attempt to arrest people for crimes you have witnessed.
  8. Just because Hitman/Assassin are jobs does not make their assassinations legal!
  9. Government Officials are REQUIRED to give a verbal/text warning before AOS/KOS'ing anyone for Weapons or Raiding tools out in public.
Highway Patrol:

  1. You can only base at the police department with other cops/FBI/SWAT members.
  2. You must have a reason for setting up a roadblock. (EX: Wanted criminal on the loose!)
  3. Roadblocks must have police vehicles present with lights on (no sirens).
  4. Do not leave roadblocks unattended.
  5. You can use spike strips to set up roadblocks.
  6. Roadblocks must have text screens warning drivers of the road block with 100 size text.
  7. Roadblocks may only use 2 fading doors to block the street and they need to have a keypad or button to control it.
  8. You must have a reason to stop somebody at a roadblock.
  9. Do not place spike strips randomly.
  10. Only ONE side of the road can be covered when making a road block.

President Security Guard:

  1. This job can only be used when a President is active.
  2. You must be with the President at all times.
  3. You cannot enforce laws, you only protect the President.
  4. You can only base in government buildings.
  5. You cannot participate in raids.


  1. Laws cannot be unrealistic.
  2. Your laws cannot conflict with the default laws 1-3 on the law board.
  3. You cannot make any job illegal.
  4. You cannot initiate purges.
  5. You are allowed to own a weapon for self defense.
  6. You cannot participate in raids or enforce laws.
  7. You are not above the law nor can you make yourself above the law.
  8. You can only base in government buildings.
  9. You must advert a reason for any lockdown you initiate.
  10. If your reason is not approved by admin you must remove the lockdown.

SWAT Leader/SWAT Soldier/SWAT Medic/SWAT Sniper:

  1. You can arrest if being shot at.
  2. You can only raid if you have a warrant.
  3. You can only base at the police department with other cops/FBI/SWAT members.
  4. You must respond to backup calls from the police.
  5. You must respond to bank and armory raids.
  6. Swat are only allowed to enforce Laws if they were visibly broken (If you see it, enforce it. If not, then nothing can be done)

Opium Manufacturer/Meth Manufacturer/Cocaine Manufacturer/Weed Farmer:

  1. You cannot raid.
  2. You can base with Thieves, Gangsters, Meth Manufacturers, Weed Farmers, Opium Manufacturers, Hitmen, Assassin and Hackers.
  3. Your job is to sell or make drugs discretely. If you are caught you can be arrested.

Gangster/Thief/Master Thief:

  1. You are allowed to raid, carjack, and mug. (See "Shooting, Raiding, Carjacking, & Killing" for details)
  2. You can base with Thieves, Gangsters, Meth Manufacturers, Drug Dealers, Hitmen, Assassin and Hackers.


  1. You are allowed to raid, carjack, and mug. (See "Shooting, Raiding, Carjacking, & Killing" for details)
  2. You can base with Thieves, Gangsters, Meth Manufacturers, Drug Dealers, and Hackers.
  3. Do not randomly hack players, cars, keypads, or cameras.
  4. You must advert raid before hacking keypads.


  1. You cannot raid.
  2. You can base with Thieves, Gangsters, Meth Manufacturers, Drug Dealers, Hitmen, Assassin and Hackers.
  3. You may also persuade raiding classes to raid for you and follow them to get your hit.
  4. You can set your hit prices by /hitprice .
  5. While you are allowed to ask for hits, you may not ask someone to place a hit on a specific person.
  6. Hitmen/Assassin's are NOT allowed to take "Protection" Ransoms/Requests.

Advanced Arms Dealer/Arms Dealer/Black Market Dealer/Lord of War/Doctor:

  1. You are allowed to own printers, weed plants, and opium plants.
  2. You can only base with other gun dealers, heavy gun dealers, advanced arms dealers, black market dealers, lord of war, and security guards.

Bank Manager/Bank Security:

  1. You are not allowed to own money printers, weed plants, or opium plants.
  2. You can only base with Bank Security.
  3. You can only base in the bank.


  1. You are allowed to own printers, weed plants, and opium plants.
  2. You can only base with other Bartenders, DJs and security guards.

Bitcoin/Ethereum Farmer:

  1. You are allowed to own printers.
  2. Bitcoin machines are LEGAL.
  3. You can only base with other Bitcoin Farmers, Ethereum Farmers and Businessman.

  1. You may not make exploitable machines for AFK money making.
  2. You may ONLY base with citizens/other businessmen and farmers.
  3. You are allowed to own printers, weed plants and opium plants.

  1. You are allowed to own printers, weed plants, and opium plants.
  2. You are not allowed to raid, mug, or carjack.

Hobo/Hobo Leader:

  1. You are not allowed to have printers, cars, weed plants, or opium plants.
  2. You are not allowed to raid, mug or carjack.
  3. You are allowed to build a on sidewalks, alleyways, and other public areas not on private property and not the road.
  4. Hobos are ALLOWED to have weapons for their own protection.


  1. You are allowed to own printers, weed plants, and opium plants.
  2. You are not allowed to raid, mug, or carjack.
  3. You can only base with security guards or other Mechanics and Citizen.
  4. Mechanics ARE allowed to make "Quick stops/Repair stops" on the side parking area next to the strip mall.

Security Guard:

  1. You are allowed to own printers, weed plants and opium plants.
  2. You can only kill if the shop you are protecting is under attack or being raided.
  3. You can only base with the owner of the shop that you are protecting.

Taxi Driver:

  1. You are not allowed to have printers, weed plants, or opium plants.
  2. You are not allowed to raid, mug or carjack.
  3. You may kill the passenger(s) if they refuse to pay their fare after agreeing to before entering the car.

Garbage Man:

  1. You are not allowed to have printers, weed plants, or opium plants.
  2. You are not allowed to raid, mug or carjack.

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